Proposals on the distribution of BATATA LLC ТМ products

The company disposes more then 16 own Trade marks, such as: Sky, ECOnom, Gladkoff, BRONCO,PARASOL, Terminator, Amore, Zanzara, ДихлоБосс,Stand ART, Sunny Bunny, Dr. Help et al.  The total number of product range is more then 90 SKU. Main lines are: domestic chemistry ( air refreshing , polishes, antistatic, silicon lubrication, shoe care ), insecticides (dichlorvoses, repellents, moth control), cosmetics ( shaving agents, hair care, deodorants, sunburn protection, cleaners of domestic surfaces on acid and alkaline basis, car chemistry. 
​Shipments for distributors are implemented with pallet lots according various logistic conditions along with delivering all relevant papers. Aiming promotion of its own TM company regularly realizes special offers, makes rebranding of product range and launches production of new items in spray cans.

Аdress: Ukraine, Kiev region, 09106, Belaya Tserkov, POBox 26

Теlephone: +38 067 548-40-99